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Meet Dr Alex Ong, Alkimos Dentist

Dr Alex photoDr Alex Ong is dedicated to rewriting the traditional dental experience. As a dentist, Dr. Ong’s commitment to fostering positive perceptions and long-term patient relationships has been the driving force behind his career.

Having completed a Bachelor of Oral Health, Doctor of Dental Medicine with distinction, and Graduate Diploma in Implantology from renowned institutions such as the University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, and the Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology, Dr. Ong is well equipped to address your dental needs. In addition, Dr. Ong has undergone further training in the field of orthodontics under the international Progressive Orthodontic Seminars.


Elevating Patient Care through Continuous Growth

Embracing a culture of professional development, Dr. Ong continually expands his skills in orthodontics, Invisalign, dental implants, digital dentistry, and aesthetic dentistry. This pursuit of knowledge underscores his commitment to delivering cutting-edge, patient-centric dental solutions.

For Dr. Ong, the most fulfilling aspect of his profession lies in building enduring connections with his patients and witnessing the positive impact of his work on their lives. By harmonizing the realms of science, art, and health, he creates personalized treatment plans that reflect his dedication to excellence.

Beyond Dentistry

When not crafting radiant smiles, Dr. Ong treasures moments spent with his daughter, exploring diverse culinary delights, indulging in gaming adventures, and engaging in invigorating tennis matches. His multifaceted interests exemplify his vibrant spirit and zest for life.

Start Today

Dr Alex Ong invites you to experience the warmth, expertise, and compassion that define his approach to dentistry. Get started with our team by booking an appointment today-he looks forward to welcoming you to the practice.


Dr Alex Ong | (08) 9502 9901