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Meet Dr Paul Boulos, Dentist

Dr Paul photoDriven by the profound impact of transforming smiles and improving oral health, Dr Boulos was drawn to dentistry for its deeply rewarding nature. The opportunity to blend creativity with the fulfillment of helping individuals achieve vibrant, healthy smiles ignited his unwavering dedication to the dental profession.

Armed with a BDS from Alexandria University, Egypt, and NZDREXAM from Otago University, New Zealand, Dr Boulos stands as a paragon of academic distinction. His graduation in 1982 marked the inception of a remarkable career dedicated to elevating dental standards and patient care.

A Lifelong Commitment to Growth

Committed to excellence, Dr Boulos actively engages in professional development, embracing a spectrum of cutting-edge advancements in implant dentistry, Invisalign technology, CAD/CAM restorations (CEREC), dental microscopy, laser applications in therapeutic treatments, and ozone application in dental settings. His relentless pursuit of knowledge underscores his dedication to delivering state-of-the-art dental solutions.

The Heart of Dentistry: Transformative Patient Care

For Dr Boulos, the most fulfilling aspect of his profession lies in the joy of witnessing his patients achieve enhanced smiles, improved oral function, and relief from dental discomfort. The genuine appreciation and radiant smiles from those he cares for serve as a testament to the profound impact of his work, adding a deeper sense of purpose to his vocation.


Embracing Life’s Joys

Outside of his dedicated practice, Dr Boulos cherishes moments spent with his family. His love for sports, including soccer, tennis, and biking, reflects his vibrant spirit and zest for an active, balanced lifestyle. Engaging in leisurely walks and unwinding with music further enriches his well-rounded approach to life.

Dr Paul Boulos looks forward to welcoming you to experience the compassion that define his approach to dentistry. Get started by booking your visit today!


Dr Paul Boulos | (08) 9502 9901